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Apple Trouble That Turned Into a Bridal Bouquet


n the family farm the day before this styled shoot Tyler & I were taking a walk around the garden when we stoped to pity our pathetic apple tree. The apple tree on the farm has lived a long hard life. It is right next to one of the crop fields so between the Apple Cedar Rust & Herbicide drift it has slowly become an eyesore. (Apple Cedar Rust is a disease apple trees get from cedar trees, like an allergy.) Only a few years ago my siblings & I would go pick the apples for my mom to take pies, applesauce, and so many other goodies. As the leaves have grown darker the trees ability to produce an apple crop has weakened significantly.

As we walked closer to the quickly aging tree I noticed its branches had a few apples so I pruned a few branches for the styled shoot bouquet. All of the leaves were spotted with nasty yellow-brown spots so I just removed them so the apples would be better displayed. They endured the long car ride back to Lincoln as the apples slowly fell off one by one. Oh well, I still put the branches in the bouquet hoping at least a couple apples would stay on since it is just for a styled shoot. (I promise I never put finicky flowers in bridal bouquets.)

The rest of this bouquet I scavenged from my secret plant places in Lincoln hoping it would compliment the relaxed atmosphere of this shoot. Kale, raspberries, black-eyed-susan heads, little hydrangea, thistle, and purple crabapple leaves make up the rest of this casual bouquet.

Photos by | People of Eden & Attanasio Photography

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