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3 Simple Ways To Add Spring To Your Home!

Growing up I loved to help my mom switch around the seasonal decor in our home. We had an Easter ‘nativity’ that we always set out, and an easter tree to decorate. Now that Tyler and I are newlyweds we don’t have too much for seasonal decor, and we like to keep it simple in our house. So here are some ideas from our home to yours!

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1 | A simple natural centerpiece in 3 steps! All you need is one package of Eggs/Nests and one bag of Moss. (Tip: spray moss with a little water, it will become soft and spongey.)

Step 1 | Sprinkle about half of your moss on the table.

Step 2 | Nestle your nests in the moss.

Step 3 | Add your eggs and tuck them in with the remaining moss.

Simple as that! Now it looks like spring grew out of your table!

2 | The silver buds of Pussy Willow are beautiful year round and perfect in the spring. I love just a few branches in a vase and they dry beautifully.

3 | Wood eggs are trendy, yet timeless. You can paint or draw on them, give them little bunny hats, or just leave them plain!

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