Looking into the heart of events and florals by Blevior, LLC


It all started when…

I was in the first grade. My dad helped me build a garden out of an old tractor tire so I could grow flowers & ever since I have been hooked. The beauty of the flowers always amazed me as a child. That is still so true in my life today. When I open a box of flowers I still get those childlike butterflies in my heart. Flowers can hold such a significant part of your life too. They are used to celebrate and remind us of the life we have been given. I think that is why God made the flowers to fade; reminding us that life is short on this earth, so lets make it beautiful!

At Blevior, LLC we purposely take on a select amount of weddings to ensure that we can give our client the attention they deserve. We love to work with couples who want their personalities reflected in their special wedding day. Thinking of ideas on how to capture things that you love & adding that into your day is one of our specialties. The flowers we use are the highest of quality; they are sourced both locally & from all over the world. The flowers will give life to your event, and the details will create an unforgettable experience for you & your guests.

My name is Jaclyn Haun, flower enthusiast & creative director behind all things Blevior, LLC. I love to help people celebrate some of life’s greatest moments...